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Watts The Plan?

A utility app that allows its user to track their energy consumption, and to be rewarded for their savings.

Visual Design
Watts The Plan-02.png
Watts The Plan-04.png

The mobile application was created in response to the D&AD Awards brief for the British energy supplier Npower. 


The strategy for the project was based on the demand of the brief to clarify household energy, through the new energy saving measures offered by NPower. 


The target audience consisted of millennials aged 25 to 35 years old: active, tech and energy savvy, with a medium level of economic capital and a higher level of cultural and social capital. 


Interviews conducted among the target audience, to gather their understanding of their energy usage. 

Personas and User Journey

John, 25


Jane, 31

Watts the plan user journey-01.jpg
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