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National Theatre
E-mail: marketing strategy & layout redesign 

In a team of six, we worked around the identity of the National Theatre to create a fresh outlook on the brand. The brief aimed at focusing on the content and the visual structure of the e-mail, which directed the research process.

1. User research & strategy 

By gathering key target insights and exploring innovative ways to engage the audience, the response to the brief was formed.

Three personas were created as result of the user

research, based on age group and lifestyle:

• the well off 50 year old living outside of London, who has a family and often enjoys cultural events;

the newly married 30 year old who enjoys going

to contemporary plays with their partner;

the 20 year old, first time goer to the National Theatre, as opposed to the 50 and 30 year old; is

tech savvy and active on social media.

View design & user research.

2. Layout design & content

The overall final concept was to make each type of e-mail personal, straight to the point, appealing and informative. The content and the tone of each e-mail vary according to the user group or persona that received it.

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